Photography by John G. DeMajo

Blessed Francis X. Seelos Residence Chapel
A Chapel in a private home in Chesterfield, VA.

Father Francis Seelos, C.Ss.R. (1819-1867), served the Irish and Italian Communities of New Orleans, Louisiana during the period surrounding the Civil War. As pastor of St. Alphonsus and St. Mary's Assumption Churches in the "Irish Channel" of New Orleans, Father Seelos was loved and respected as a holy man and minister to the down trodden. We hope that you will be inspired by this Redemptorist priest, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in the Solemn Jubilee Year 2000. Father Seelos possessed great mystical gifts due to his intense prayer life. His dedication to ministry with cheerful holiness makes him still an outstanding model for clergy, religious and laity alike. As an itinerant preacher and lifelong friend of the poor and destitute, Seelos was a spiritual father to tens of thousands. Despite his early death from dredged Yellow Fever at age 48, so profound was his missionary zeal that sickness, persecution, and even the upheaval caused by the great Yellow Fever Plague and the Civil War could not stop him.

In 2008, a family which relocated to Richmond from New Orleans, brought with them relics related to Father Seelos, with the intent of establishing a home chapel to honor the work of the Beatified priest. They have finally realized their goal, and this home chapel in Chesterfield is the result of their efforts.

A stained glass window was recently acquired and has been installed in the Blessed Seelos Chapel. It was produced by Shelton Stained Glass Studio in Ashland, Virginia who is credited with producing the windows for a number of Richmond's landmark churches.
Antique mahogany cabinet holds the Chalice along with various altar cruets and anointing oils. The small statue at right is a likeness of Father Seelos, the chapel's patron soon-to-be-saint.
Authentic pre-Vatican II Latin Roman Missal is part of the church's fixtures.
Historic polished bronze tabernacle was recovered from a demolished Catholic church in Georgia
Among the chapel's furnishings are this Monstrance, Ciborium, sanctuary lantern and pre-Vatican II altar bells. The century-old statue of St. Joseph holding the baby Jesus, is from an historic church in New York.