Photography by John DeMajo

Northminster Baptist Church
3121 Moss Side Avenue, Richmond, VA 23222

NOTE: It is the understanding of our staff that Northminster Baptist Church finalized operation on Palm Sunday of 2014, and elected to became part of Atlee Community Church.


Visible in the rear of the church in the photo above, is the window titled "The Great Commission," designed and installed by Laws Stained Glass Studios of Statesville, North Carolina.

The following are examples of the church's Memorial Windows which are the design of Frederick W. Cole of the studios of George L.Payne, Inc. of London. Although the winows were built in the London studio, they were installed by Payne's Patterson, New Jersey studio.

The 38 by 16 foot large center window (visible above and highlighted below), and `entitled "The Sermon On The Mount," is the work of Franz Mayer and Company of Munich, Germany. It was installed by the Studios of George L. Payne, Inc.
The Casavant Opus 2782 Console
Day chapel interior and organ console

Northminster Baptist Church
Westwood and Moss Side avenues

Casavant organ, 1964, Opus 2782, 3m/36r


8      Principal
8      Bourdon
4     Octave
4      Koppelflote
2     Super Octave
III      Mixture (1 1/3)


8      Rohrflote
8     Viola
8     Viola Celeste (G)
4     Spitz Principal
2      Waldflote
IV    Scharf (2/3)
16    Fagott
8      Trompete
4      Hautbois
Harp Bells
Celesta Bells


8      Gedacktflote
8      Erzahler
8      Erzahler Celeste
4     Klein Gedakt
2      Blockflote
II      Terzian (2/5)
8     Oboe
Harp Bells
Celesta Bells

POSITIV (prepared)

8      Gedackt
4      Principal
2      Gemshorn
1 1/3 Quintflote
II      Sesquialtera (2 2/3)
III   Zimbel (1/4)
8      Krummhorn


16      Principal
16      Subbass
8     Octave
8     Pommer (ext from Subbass)
4     Super Octave
II      Mixture (2 2/3)
16      Posaune

4      Schalmei

Swell to Pedal; Great to Pedal; Choir to Pedal; Swell to Great; Choir to Great; Swell to Choir.  1992 additions: Swell to Swell 16 & 4; Choir to Choir 16 & 4; Swell to Great 16; Choir to Great 16; Swell to Choir 16 & 4
The organ is in chambers on both sides of the front wall, divided by the baptistry.  Great and Choir are on the right, Swell on the left.  The console is centered in a pit at the front of the choir area.

Site visit by DT.

Festival Trumpet and 32 Untersatz added by Jerry Field, dedicated May 31, 1992

Southeast Organ Co., Suffolk, Virginia  2m/3r


8      Diapason
8      Hohlflute
8      Salicional
4     Octave
4      Flautino
4      Salicet
2      Flageolet


16      Bourdon
8      Prestant
8      Chimneyflute
8     Viola
4      Principal
4     Flute
4      Violine
2 2/3 Nazard
2      Piccolo
II      Sesquialtera
8      Clarinet


16      Subbass
8      Bourdon
8     Violon
4     Octave
4     Flute

The organ is enclosed in a chamber high on the right wall between the chancel and nave areas of the chapel.

Site visit by DT.

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