Photography by John DeMajo


517 North 25th. Street, Richmond, VA


Leigh Street Baptist Church
Leigh and 25th streets


Kimball organ, 1911, 3m/29r


8 Open Diapason          metal      61 pipes
8     Gamba             metal      61 pipes
8      Dulciana                metal      61 pipes
8     Doppel Flute       wood        61 pipes
4     Octave                  metal      61 pipes
4     Forest Flute       wood        61 pipes
8      Trumpet                 metal      61 pipes


16      Bourdon                 wood        61 pipes
8     Horn Diapason          metal      61 pipes
8      Salicional        metal      61 pipes
8      Aeoline                 metal      61 pipes

8     Vox Celeste           metal      61 pipes
8      Stopped Flute           wood        61 pipes
4     Flute Traverso          wood        61 pipes
8      Cornopean               metal      61 pipes
8      Orchestral Oboe      metal      61 pipes
8     Vox Humana            metal      61 pipes
Vox Humana Tremulant
Swell Tremulant


16    Contra Salicional      metal      61 pipes
8     French Diapason      metal      61 pipes
8     Viola d'Amour           metal      61 pipes
8     Dolce             metal      61 pipes
8      Melodia                 wood        61 pipes
4     Flute Octaviente      metal      61 pipes
2      Piccolo Harmonique      metal      61 pipes
8      Clarinet                metal      61 pipes


16    Open Diapason          wood        32 pipes
16      Violone                 metal      32 pipes
16      Bourdon                 wood        32 pipes
16      Lieblich Gedact      wood        32 pipes

Swell to Great; Great to Great, super octaves; Choir to Great; Swell to Great, sub octaves; Great to Pedals; Swell to Great, super octaves; Swell to Pedals; Swell to Swell, sub octaves; Choir to Pedals; Swell to Swell, super octaves; Swell to Choir; Choir to Great, sub octaves; Choir to Swell; Swell to Choir, sub octaves; Swell to Choir, super octaves; Pedals at octaves; Swell to Pedals, super octaves; Choir to Pedals, super octaves

Great to Pedals, reversible; Swell to Pedal, reversible; Choir to Pedals, reversible; Coupler Cahcel; Pedal Treble Separation; Coupler Cahcel all super and sub octaves; Full Pedal Organ; Pedal Bourdon and Lieblich Gedact; Pedal Lieblich Gedact; Sforzando, Full Organ; Balanced Swell Pedal; Balanced Vox Humana Pedal; Balanced Choir Pedal; Balanced Crescendo and Diminuendo Pedal

Four combination pistons, Great and Pedal stops
Five combination pistons, Swell and Pedal stops
Four combination pistons, Choir and Pedal stops

Detached console
Case of solid mahogany, dull finish
Kinetic Blower, 4 horsepower
Designed and voiced by H. A. Burke

Information taken from dedication program, November 28, 1911 and provided to this site by Richmond, Virginia historian Donald Traser