Photography by John DeMajo

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church
3110 Greenwood Avenue, Colonial Heights, VA. 23834

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In the 1960's, a vision of Rev. Charles Spain to establish a mission on Conduit Road in Colonial Heights, VA, resulted in the acquisition of a tract of land. The first prayer meeting was held in October of 1964. In October of 1966, just two short years later, ground was broken for the first permanent building on the church property. On July 14, 1968, the Mount Pleasant Baptist Church was officially constituted. The church continued to grow and the 1970's saw the expansion to include an education building, day care center, and later a new interim sanctuary. A seventeen rank organ was added in 1989, and in 1996, a team was hired to see to the construction of a new sanctuary, along with educational and office space. In 1999, the steeple was set in place atop the present church building. Today the church stands as one of the successful Baptist congregations in Central Virginia.
The organ at Mount Pleasant Baptist Church is a hybrid instrument consisting of two divisions of actual pipe work, supplemented by Peterson electronic stops in the pedal and lower registers. It was constructed as a pure pipe organ in 1989 by Larry Trupiano of Trupiano and Mann Pipe Organ Company. The additional Peterson electronic voices were added later by the Patrick Murphy firm. The console is a "French" style terraced draw knob console of two manuals, with natural wood keys. The pipe portion of the organ is located in the pipe chamber to the left of the baptistery. The right chamber contains a set of real chimes as well as much of the amps and speakers for the Peterson stops.

Tenoroon 16 Bourdon 8 Principal 16
Open Diapason 8 Gamba 8 Violone 16
Gemshorn 8 Celeste 8 Subbass 16
Violon Cello 8 Principal 4 Open Diapason 8&4
Stopped Diapason 8 Flute 4 Bourdon 8
Principal 4 Nazard 2-2/3 Gemshorn 8
Harmonic Flute 4 Fifteenth 2 Octave Flute 4
Fifteenth 2 Tierce 1-3/8 Bombardon 16
Mixture IV Larigot 1-1/3 Clarinet 16
Cremona Acuta IV Trumpet 8
Trumpet 8 Clarinet 16 Tonette 4
Chimes Trumpet 8 Great To Pedal
Swell to Great 8 Swell 4 Swell To Pedal
Swell To Great 4 Tremolo